Our beekeeping goes back to the end of the 1800s, when my great-grandfather took care of the honey-producing bee families on the banks of the Rába River. Over time, my ancestors went through many things, but some things, including beekeeping, have remained in our family to such an extent that they are an integral part of my grandfather's, father's and myself's lives. Encouraged by my father from the more than 10 years of beekeeping we spent together, we managed to master even the smallest details of the work, so today we are engaged in our own beekeeping with hundreds of Hunor families.


Our own chemical engineers or with the help of our premium-quality vitamin and mineral concentrates, we make our unique dietary vitamin supplement, which, according to us and our foreign partners, is of premium quality! The quality is guaranteed by continuous monitoring by internationally accredited laboratories. Our products are put on the market without any kind of additives! Their composition contains only 100% farm-grown acacia honey, vitamin and mineral concentrates, which only come from controlled producers and producers.